Wedding dress shopping FAQ’s


FAQ: Whether you’re a gown shopping veteran or have yet to visit a store, we’ve put together a list of Bel Fiore’s most frequently asked questions to help you on your wedding dress search!

“How long does a wedding dress take to come in?”

Shop 6 to 12 months out, if you can.  Most wedding dresses are not made until you order them!  The production process can take 4 to 6 months on average, so it’s important to give yourself enough time.  We recognize that this is not feasible for every bride, and offer rush options and a selection of “Take Home Today” gowns too!

“Who should I bring with me?”

Less is more, opinion-wise.  Limit your entourage to a few valued opinions. On TV, we’ve all seen the bride fall in LOVE with a gown, only to find that 5 out of 10 friends “aren’t feeling it”.  Save yourself some heartache, because you owe it to yourself!  It’s your dress and your day.  Invite only the people who matter most…they will be supportive when you find it!

“What should I bring with me?”

You don’t need to bring anything specific, but sometimes we recommend bringing a strapless bra if you like.  You’ll be in and out of plenty of dresses, and a bra can help you not only feel more comfortable if you need help in the dressing room, but it can also improve the fit of the dresses! We offer them in store for you to borrow, but some brides feel best in their own.

“What sizes do you have for me to try on?”

We’ve stocked our store with sample gowns in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 8 to 16, and plus sizes 18 to 32.  Even if a dress isn’t your size, our consultants are great at working their magic to show you how it will appear once fitted!

“How will I know I’ve found the dress?”

Know that there is no perfect number of gowns to try on. Some brides find their dress at their first store, and other brides don’t.  Sometimes brides try on 50 gowns, only to end up with the very first one they put on.  Sometimes a bride comes in with pictures of a gown from Pinterest, but ends up falling for something completely different after trying it on!  There is no formula, and that’s ok!

Everyone reacts differently to finding the dress. Picture this: You’re standing in front of the mirror, wearing a dress that is likely “the one”.  How will you feel?  Your personality will dictate how you react, more than anything else. Are you sentimental?  You may get a “feeling” or cry in it (especially if mom does)!  Are you a planner?  You may arrive at a carefully considered decision, after weighing your different options.  Are you a tomboy?  You may just pick your favorite like it’s no big deal. Everyone’s moment of truth is different. Trust your gut!

“How will I know what size to order?”

Our wedding dresses come in numerical sizes, and are not customized to your individual body measurements.  This is standard for most bridal designers.  We will take your measurements, and then use the designer’s size chart to help you select your size.

“Do you do alterations?”

Almost every bride requires alterations on her dress to achieve the perfect fit, so rest assured that we most definitely offer alterations services at our store!  Our expert seamstresses have helped thousands of brides get ready for their big day, and would love to help you too!

Anything we missed?  Contact us today!  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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